The Story Behind the Song: “Blessings”

Knowing what inspired someone to write a song has always been of interest to me. A new song that I recently heard was inspired by the hardship that a young newlywed couple went through. Laura Story married her high school sweetheart, and just a year or two later, they discovered that her husband had a brain tumor. At one point she didn’t know if he was going to live. At one point he was on a breathing machine and had significant vision and memory loss.

Laura said, “But there’s a decision that I find God is asking us to make: whether we are going to choose to interpret our circumstances based on what we hold to be true about God, or whether we’re going to judge what we hold to be true about God based on our circumstances.” She and her husband have held on to what they know to be true about God!

(Update:  Laura Story Wins Grammy Award for “Blessings”)


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