Being a teacher, I use multiple whiteboards every day at school.  I don’t know what we would do without them now.  Years ago, we used chalkboards and had to deal with messy chalk dust at school.  Back then, we had no idea about a whiteboard, whiteboard mount, whiteboard marker, or whiteboard eraser.  I wonder how many people’s allergies were affected by all that chalk dust?  I’m so glad we have whiteboards today!

“Carly’s Voice: Breaking Through Autism”

Just got through reading Carly’s Voice by Arthur Fleischmann (Carly’s dad) with Carly Fleischmann, and I highly recommend this book if you’re wanting to learn more about autism.  Recently published, it gives another first-hand view of what it’s like to be autistic and wanting to communicate.  If you would like to know more about this insightful book, here’s a short book review.

This book, along with I Am in Here by Elizabeth M. Bonker & Virginia G. Breen and all of Temple Grandin’s books completely dispel the belief which was prominent decades ago that non-verbal autistic children should be institutionalized because they would never be able to communicate or talk, as in Grandin’s case.    Hopefully, more and more people will be educated about autism and dispel the myths which surround it.

ACT & SAT Testing Score Averages by State

Looking at a map of test score averages and seeing the scores of all the different states is interesting.   Averages of ACT Scores and also SAT Scores vary from state to state, and the statistics show which states have the higher scores.  Many families decide where they are going to settle down according to how good the school systems are in the neighborhood where they’re considering buying a house.  I wonder if some people decide which state to live in by its test score averages.  By the way, my son developed the maps at the above links.

Map of Time Zones

If you ever need a map of time zones, here is a good map that not only gives the different zones but also the time and date in each zone.  It’s especially good for those who are traveling to Hawaii.  It’s been a while since we went to Hawaii with our family after our daughter graduated from high school, but I can remember trying to figure out the time difference.  For example, looking at this map I can see that Hawaii is five hours behind us here in Central Mountain Time.  I’m a visual learner, so it helps me remember to look at an actual map.