Spring Break

It’s so nice that Spring Break is finally here.  I’ve been getting caught up on a few things that I don’t have much time to do during the school year plus getting in some extra rest, which is something else that isn’t always possible some weeks during school.  I don’t have any shopping scheduled for this week since I don’t need any clothes, shoes, or carhartt jeans, etc.  One really nice thing is that our son is home from college for a week.  That makes Spring Break fun!

Creative Jewelry Maker

There are a lot of people making jewelry these days.  A dear friend of mine makes beautiful jewelry using beads and has had quite an extensive selection of beads to choose from.  I’m not sure what she has now, whether she has any clear glass tiles or any other type of beads, etc., but I do know that I am enjoying wearing the pieces of jewelry in my collection that were made by her.  She’s very creative in her jewelry making and in any artistic project she undertakes.  In fact, she used to be an elementary art teacher so you can imagine how creative she must be.

Jeans, Professional Attire, or Uniforms?

As a school teacher, I don’t have to wear a uniform or any specific type of clothing.  But we are expected to dress professionally and not wear anything denim except on certain Fridays.   One of my friends, however, has to wear nurses uniforms.  Another friend is an accountant, and since she goes into the warehouse to check inventory at times, she can wear jeans (at least on those days).  Some people do get to wear jeans to work as long as they’re nice jeans and they wear a professional looking top.  I always look forward to the Fridays that we get to wear jeans and so do nearly all of the staff I work with.   If you work outside your home, what type of clothing do you wear to work?


Do you know how healthy seaweed is? Very healthy! I take seaweed tablets, actually “kelp” which is large seaweed, just about every day. Kelp grows in nutrient-rich waters and is loaded with these rich nutrients, like the B-vitamins, natural iodine, and minerals for example.  It’s evident that Kelp is great for most people needing to supplement minerals in their diet.

There are also seaweed products available such as creams, shampoos, conditioners, and bath products. Some people use these products to help skin problems such as flaking or scaling.  Whether taking kelp tablets or using these products, there seem to be several benefits from using seaweed.

Skin Care

One thing I’ve noticed is that the older I get, the more sunspots I seem to have. The sunspots are from spending too much time out in the sun without sunscreen when I was younger. Maybe I need to visit a skin care blog, but now I’m too busy with work at school to think much about my skin. I’m thankful for cover-up makeup that helps hide the sunspots!

An Enjoyable Evening

Some friends of ours invited us to go to the Symphony with them last month. They had extra tickets and treated us to a great evening. It was on a Friday evening and people didn’t dress up as much as they do on Saturday evenings. I was glad because I wasn’t in the mood to dress up a lot. (I really don’t have anything fancy)  There were probably people there with diamond earrings and necklaces, Black diamond earrings and nice jewelry, though.  Some people did dress up more than others, but I was fine with how I dressed.

After the concert was over, we went to Starbucks and talked and visited for a while. We all share a love of various types of music. My husband plays not only the guitar (which I’ve mentioned before) but also the violin. Our friend played the viola when she was younger. So it’s just natural that classical music would be enjoyable for both couples.  It was a fun evening just to be with friends


I have had the same watch for many years.  It still looks stylish, runs great, and I’m thankful to have it.  Actually, I do have another watch but never wear it because it’s not really my style.  It’s a gold watch, and I wear mostly silver or sometimes a mix of silver and a little gold.  The watch I wear all the time is a mix of mostly silver with a little gold.  Like I mentioned, it’s still stylish!

Formal Maternity Dresses

Have you ever known someone who is pregnant and is also a bridesmaid in a wedding? We’ve been to at least three or four weddings where the bridesmaid and her husband were expecting a baby. There might be some other special occasions, too, that require a maternity dress that is formal. It’s nice to know that there are formal maternity dresses available, and nowadays an expectant mother can still dress in style for any occasion.

Supplies, Clothing, and Uniforms

There are so many people shopping these days for all sorts of things. The list includes school clothes and school supplies for children in elementary, middle, and high schools. And I can’t forget college students since we have one that is a junior in college. He has to buy books and supplies, etc. Someone going to nursing school would need to look at buying a nurse uniform at some point in their education. Medical students would need medical supplies and possibly scrubs. And the list could go on and on for all types of students needing all types of supplies and clothing!

Using Olive Oil in Cooking & Beauty Products

We are avid users of olive oil, extra virgin olive oil to be exact.  We cook with it, drizzle it on popcorn, and enjoy all the health benefits associated with using it.  I use butter if a main dish or vegetable recipe calls for it, but I usually try to add in some olive oil to counteract the saturated fat in the butter.

Some recipes need the butter taste to make them taste good, but I’ve  found adding in olive oil doesn’t detract from the flavor in most cases.  Depending on the recipe, I have completely omitted the butter at times and replaced it with EVOO which turned out great.   I haven’t tried this very much in baking desserts and am still experimenting in this area.

Olive oil is used for more than just cooking and has been for thousands of years.  It is used in skin care products such as olivella which supposedly makes the products have anti aging effects.  It is claimed that Cleopatra used olive oil on her skin as well as many women throughout ancient history.  There are moisturizers, soaps, shampoos and all types of products available which use this age old secret of  olive oil benefits.