Menu Plan Monday 7/8/13

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Hope everyone had a nice weekend.  We had a nice and busy weekend ourselves.  Our son and new d-i-l met us at Starbucks Sunday afternoon to show pictures from their trip and visit a little bit.  It was so good to see them!   On Saturday evening, we visited with friends and shared some of the groom’s cake with them.  Speaking of the groom’s cake, let me show you how cute it was…so perfect for our son.  The bakery designed it perfectly!  It was actually bigger than it looks like in the picture, and we enjoyed cake for the next week after the wedding.  Yum!

A & A wedding, groom's cake

Isn’t the cake creative? Enough about the cake! Here’s the menu:

Monday: Eat out

Tuesday: Chicken, corn, salad

Wednesday: Cheese Ravioli, salad, baby carrots

Thursday: Chef salad

Friday: Pizza

Menu Plan Monday 7/1/13

Had a wonderful weekend at our son & d-i-l’s wedding and visiting with relatives and friends.  I’ll have to post a couple of pictures later because right now I’m too tired. Here’s our menu for the week:

Monday:  Salmon patties, veggie salad

Tuesday:  Leftovers

Wednesday:  Chef salad with turkey

Thursday:  Nachos Supreme (Happy 4th of July)

Friday:  Eat out?

Menu Plan Monday 6/17/13

This weekend was another busy but fun weekend.  We went to visit our kids and grandkids, helped our son move some of his furniture and things that he doesn’t need before the wedding.  We got to see our daughter and son-i-l’s new house (on the outside) that they hope to close on this week.  Lots of things going on in our family!

Father’s Day was nice!  After church, we took my husband to Olive Garden.  Later in the day, we had frozen yogurt at this neat (and healthy) frozen yogurt shop.  The best part was getting to be with our children, children-in-law, and grandkids!  It was a very blessed day!

Monday:  Eat at Applebee’s (need to use a gift certificate that expires tomorrow)

Tuesday: Chicken, corn, salad

Wednesday:  Eat with co-workers

Thursday: Chef salad

Friday: Pizza

Menu Plan Monday 6/10/13

menu plan monday, 3-10

This was a very busy but very fun weekend!  Our son and future daughter-in-law came for their church shower where we go to church. It was absolutely beautiful, and they got so many nice things. It is such a blessing to have a wonderful church family where there are so many sweet people!

I have to show you the cake from the wedding shower. It was so pretty and delicious, and the fondant flowers on top looked too pretty to eat!

A & A's SS shower at Dana's, 6-9-13 008
Menu for the week:

Monday: Salmon Patties, corn, salad

Tuesday: Leftovers

Wednesday: Chicken, mashed potatoes, green beans

Thursday: Eat out

Friday: Digiorno Spicy Chicken Supreme Pizza & salad

Menu Plan Monday 6/3/13

This weekend was beautiful weather-wise.  Nice to not have any storms!  Sunday, we went to a church luncheon at noon for the recovery group that attends there.  Then I went to a wedding shower for a young lady at church who is getting married.  It was a beautiful shower!  Next week, they’re having a shower for our future daughter-in-law (although they don’t know her, just our son). So exciting!

We feel so blessed to be part of a church family that is so loving to people, whether they’re poor or homeless or well-to-do, no matter the skin color or age (lots of babies, children, college students, young couples, middle age and elderly), and that reaches out to those are overcoming additions and to those in the community by hosting a children’s clinic for neighborhood children, having a weekly food pantry and clothing for those in need, adopting a near-by school and doing things for the students and faculty, and a lot of other things.  Reminds me of the saying, “What would Jesus do?” The Bible tells us some of the things Jesus did when He lived on earth which were helping the poor and needy, loving others, and doing good. What a wonderful example to try to follow!

So…here’s our menu.  Hope you have a great week!

Monday: Salmon patties, salad, baby carrots

Tuesday:  Leftovers

Wednesday: Chicken, corn, salad

Thursday: Chef salad

Friday: Pizza

Menu Plan Monday 5/31/13

menu-plan-monday salad bowl

Happy Memorial Day! If you are a veteran or have friends or relatives who are veterans, this day is to honor your service to our country. We have several veterans in our family, and we appreciate what all of the veterans have done to help make our country safe.

Monday: Sauteed chicken with yellow squash & onions

Tuesday: Buitoni Spinach Cheese Tortellini with H*E*B Marinara Sauce, salad

Wednesday:  Grilled Salmon, corn, salad

Thursday:  Chef Salad

Friday: Digiorno Spicy Chicken Supreme Pizza & salad

Menu Plan Monday 5/20/13

My friends and I think weekends are way too short and three-day weekends would be great!  Wish that were the case this week.  We’re all tired!   We had a wonderful weekend, though, with family and friends, and we went to our son and future d-i-l’s wedding shower Sunday afternoon.  Special times!  We feel very blessed!

Hope you have a great week!  Here’s our menu:

Monday:  Leftovers

Tuesday: Chef salad  (I want to lose 3-5 more pounds before our son’s wedding)

Wednesday: Chicken, corn, salad

Thursday: Chef salad

Friday: Eating out at ?

Menu Plan Monday 5/13/13

menu plan monday, 3-10

Our son graduated from college this weekend, and I had the honor of standing behind him in the ceremony and placing the graduation hood on him.  It was a beautiful ceremony because it included songs of praise and thanks to the Lord for His faithfulness throughout their lives and prayers that they may be blessed to make them effective servant-leaders in their respective professions.

With so many enjoyable events,  one event right after another, it made for a busy but fun weekend, and we were even able to attend a recital for the musically gifted daughter of some good friends the night before graduation.  Mother’s Day included lunch at Olive Garden with our children, grandchildren and the parents of our son’s fiancee, and after a little more visiting, we still got back home at a reasonable hour.  I hope your Mother’s Day was an especially good one!

 Monday: Chicken, sauteed okra & yellow squash & onions

Tuesday: Chicken pasta with H*E*B Marinara Sauce, salad

Wednesday: Chicken, mashed potatoes, & okra

Thursday: Talapia, red potatoes & green beans

Friday: Digiorno Spicy Chicken Supreme Pizza & salad

Menu Plan Monday 5/6/13

menu plan monday, 3-10

 I had an absolutely wonderful weekend!  Went to visit our son and go to a wedding shower for our son and future d-i-l.  It was hosted by someone who goes to church with our future d-i-l’s family, and the shower was beautiful.  People were so sweet!  And I’m so tired from the busy weekend and all the excitement, so this is going to be short.  Here’s our menu:

Monday:  Salmon, corn, broccoli

Tuesday: Turkey patties, Kale & Romaine Salad, carrots

Wednesday: Stir-fry with chicken, yellow squash, red pepper and onions

Thursday: Salad with raw veggies & “turkey bacon

Friday:  Pizza & salad