Wireless Systems for Musicians

I’ve mentioned before that my husband is a musician.  He has an adequate amount of equipment, but I was reading recently about instrument wireless systems and thought how cool it would be if he had something like a great sennheiser freeport. He wouldn’t have to have all the cables and there wouldn’t be as much equipment to transport to and from places.  The wireless system is supposed to be light weight which would also be good when carrying in several items.  Sounds like a great idea to me.

House Musician

My husband, who is a musician, has a couple of guitars, two amps, a microphone and stand, and the usual things that a guitarist has like cords, capo, etc.  He doesn’t have a spector bass from musicians friend, however, he has gotten other things from there.  He also has stacks of music books sitting beside our piano, and there’s also a violin and the usual things that a violinist needs to play (he’s played violin since he was eight).  It’s evident that a musician definitely lives in our house.


Living with a musician (my husband plays guitar and entertains a few places and also plays violin with an orchestra), I’m used to having musical instruments, amps, microphones, etc., around the house.  Do any of you have musicians in your house and know what I’m talking about?

Some people go full time and get professional items such as a mxl 990 microphone and other professional equipment.  My husband even plays in the orchestra with someone who has a large room devoted to music upstairs in his house.  Now that would be a music lover’s dream!

Musical Instruments

I’ve mentioned before that we used to have a music store a long time ago.  We had guitars, violins, small drums, keyboards, and brass instruments for sale.  Band students would come to our store to get instruments for school, as well as the music they needed.  Guitar and violin students would come for lessons (my husband was the guitar and violin teacher), and we even had a piano teacher come in to teach piano lessons (on the piano my parents bought me when I was in seventh grade).   Do you play any instruments?


As I’ve mentioned before, we have a couple of musicians in our family.  The guitar, violin, percussion instruments, keyboard, and piano are the instruments of choice.  My husband even has a good banjo in the corner of a closet.  It hasn’t been played in many years, but it’s still in good shape.  The guitar and violin are the instruments I hear on a regular basis.  When our son comes home to visit, I hear the piano, which I love hearing because that’s what I used to play.  Do you have any musicians in your family?


Do you have any musicians in your house? If so, then you might know about those who want to buy ibanez effects pedals for their band or for their own enjoyment.  During the years we’ve been married, which total 30 something, we’ve had several guitars, amps, effects pedals plus a violin and even a banjo.  The banjo has barely been used, but the guitar and violin are used almost weekly.  Plus if you add in our son’s electric keyboard and my piano, there’s no doubt that musicians live in this house!