Mechanical Issues

Do you know much about mechanical things?  I surely don’t!  I wouldn’t know if something needed a hydraulic hose, for example, or not.  Now I do know a little about cars, not much, but a little bit.  If my husband is talking to me about something on our van, I would probably know what he was talking about.  I probably wouldn’t know how to fix it, though, because that’s his department!  But at least I’d have an idea what he was talking about.

Housing Markets

Have you noticed that housing markets are better in certain parts of the country?  I don’t know about homes for sale in raleigh nc, but I have heard about housing markets in my area.  The higher demand for houses is a seller’s dream, however, an abundance of houses on the market is a buyer’s dream because it means lower prices.  Our son and future daughter-in-law are thinking about buying a house to live in after they’re married because it’s more cost effective than renting.  They’re planning on getting married in June, so they may be making a decision within the next month or two.  We’ll wait and see.



What is web to print storefront? It’s a customizable group of software tools made to enhance all areas of a printing business.  Now for me at home, all I need is a good printer which we happen to have.  At work, I have my desk computer which is fairly new but doesn’t print 100% of the time, resulting in me putting in multiple work orders on it throughout the past few months.  It’s important to me to have a printer that is reliable so at least my home printer fits the bill, so to speak.

Watches Make Nice Gifts

Have you ever given a watch for a special gift to someone extra-special?  There are all kinds of prices from top-of-the-line TAG Heuer watches to lower priced brands.   If you ever do give a watch for a gift, find out if they prefer silver, gold, or silver & gold.  Find out what special features they like and what their favorite watch styles look like.  Then your gift will be one they will enjoy for years.

Help for Those We Care About

Do you have a friend or family member who is in need of drug rehab treatment centers?  We work with a ministry where we go to church that helps people going through rehab.  The minister who teaches the classes uses a 12-step Bible based program which is very effective in helping people.  It’s a blessing to be able to work with this ministry and see the humility and honesty of some of the people who are trying to straighten out their lives.

Retirement Annuities

I don’t know much about annuities, but I know there’s information available online at sites such as – Home Page.  There are two main types of annuities, immediate and deferred.  There is an advantage to tax deffered annuities because interest can be made on the money not being paid in taxes.  Taxes are paid when the interest is withdrawn.  Check online for more information.