Dog Beds

We have several friends who have dogs.  A couple of the dogs are getting up in years, and I wonder if they could use orthopedic dog beds.   Our dog that we had for years and years just slept in a regular dog bed and did fine, but some dogs who have arthritis and other ailments might be more comfortable on a special bed.

Low-Fat Creamy Tomato Basil Soup

.We really like La Madeleine’s Tomato Basil Soup.  There’s one problem, though, it’s absolutely loaded with fat!   We found a compromise…a great tasting soup that’s low in fat with only 3 1/2 grams of fat per serving.  Recently, I tried La Madeleine’s lower-fat version of their soup, but I like Progresso’s soup better.  We like Progresso’s Creamy Tomato Basil Soup so much, in fact, that we buy several cans at a time.

* Note:  I haven’t received anything from Progresso.  This is strictly my opinion.


Pei Wei Calories

We love to eat at Pei Wei, and our whole family does as well as many of our friends.  If you’re trying to lose weight, it’s nice to know that you can figure out the calories beforehand by going to their Pei Wei Nutrition Information site.  I really like their lettuce wraps with chicken, and the sauce only has 70 calories.  (I would have guessed a lot more)  That’s nice to know.

I am definitely trying to lose weight after going to try on dresses for our son’s wedding this summer.  Oh my!!  Those holiday goodies are still with me so I really really need to lose five to ten pounds.  It’s so easy to walk in my closet and pull out my looser fitting clothes to wear to work.  But going to try on clothes made me determined to lose weight!  I’ll try to keep you posted how I do.

Battle of Athens, Tennessee, 1946

Has anyone seen the TV movie about Athens, Tennessee?  I haven’t and didn’t know anything about it.  This is a little known event in U.S. history that, in fact, I’m just now reading about. Maybe we talked about it in one of my history classes in high school or college, but I don’t remember.  It’s very interesting and illustrates how corrupt some government officials have been. This historical marker is a reminder of that event.

Personalized Gifts

Personalized things are always nice!  There are all sorts of items out there such as personalized lunch bags, key rings, jewelry, etc.  Some of my coworkers gave me a personalized wooden name plaque to hang over the door to my classroom, you know the kind where each of the letters is cut out of wood, painted, and then cute little decorations are put on top of the letters.  I really like it, and it’s special because they took the time and effort to get me something personalized.


Do you have any collectibles?  Some people collect dishes like Depression Glass or vintage bowls.  Some people collect coins like the 1979 silver dollar.  Some collect stamps or vintage record albums.  I used to collect old Coke or Dr. Pepper bottles and vintage tins, but now I don’t really collect anything.  For me, things like that take up space and are just something else to have to dust.  What do you collect?


Most people I know love chocolate, and some are even “chocaholics!”  I must admit that I really like dark chocolate a lot.  I’ve tasted many different types of chocolate, however, I’ve never had chocolate cigars.

My husband and I like to keep a bag of dark chocolate chips in the cabinet all the time.  This way we can have just a little chocolate when we get a taste for it, or more if we have a bigger taste for it.  We’ve been doing this for years, and I even have a couple of friends who do the same thing.  We didn’t get the idea from each other, but I think it just comes from making chocolate chip cookies and having chocolate chips in the pantry.  And it’s good, inexpensive chocolate!