September is Pain Awareness Month

Did you realize that many Americans suffer from lower body pain?  One source said that 80% of Americans suffer from that type of pain.  I had no idea the percentage was that high.   I also found out that Dr. Scholl’s has some affordable solutions to help alleviate pain.  Their line of Dr. Scholl’s Pain Relief Orthotics are specially designed insoles for all-day pain relief in the feet and lower body.  They have different types of insoles which provide the following types of relief:

  • Arch Pain Relief
  • Arthritis Pain Relief
  • Back Pain Relief
  • Heel Pain Relief
  • Knee Pain Relief

Dr. Scholl’s has given me the opportunity to review three of their products for Arch Pain Relief, Back Pain Relief, and Arthritis Pain Relief.  My favorite are the ones for arch pain relief.  I have higher arches, need arch support, and have some shoes that don’t have good arch support.  The added arches work great and are adjustable so I can get the amount of arch support I need!

Dr. Scholl’s has a new Facebook Page where you can find info on products, pain, treatment options, and even coupons.  “Yay!” about coupons.  So many of us are using coupons nowadays.  Just go to “Challenge” on their Facebook site.

* Dr. Scholl’s supplied me with three pairs of arches for review.  However, I was not compensated monetarily for this article and review.  The review is strictly my opinion.

Coming Soon: Product Review from CSN


Earlier this summer, CSN Online Stores provided me with a gift certificate for a giveaway on my blog, and now they’re providing me with a gift certificate of my own to purchase one of their products for review.  I’m excited about getting to choose something!

I’ve looked through several of their 200+ sites and have looked at a lot of different things such as a Dutch oven, an assortment of small kitchen appliances, and bedding. They even have home improvement items, outdoor living items, and so much more.  There are many different categories of products to look through!  It’s like looking through a huge department store.

I’m fairly sure of what I’m going to choose.   I left a clue in one of my posts this month and plan to share this with you soon!  So, watch for the product review within the next two or three weeks.

Brugo Travel Mug Review & Giveaway

Brugo has given me the opportunity to review one of their Brugo Travel Mugs with patented temperature control chambers. I must say the mug I received is trendy looking and works great. I’m not much of a coffee drinker but rather a huge tea drinker, so I tried it with tea and it works just like they say it will.

There are three options, the “tip and cool” setting which lets you tip the mug and then drink your beverage at just the right temperature so you don’t burn your mouth, the “sip” setting for those who like their beverage real hot, and then the “lock” setting to keep the beverage from spilling out.

This mug will be great to take to work, using the “tip and cool” setting” before I leave for work, the “lock” setting while driving and then the “sip” setting after I get to work.  One note about the “lock” setting.  It works when the mug tips over, not when the mug is turned upside down.  It’s not designed to be turned upside down, so if a young child is holding it then you would need to supervise them because it will drip just a little bit if turned upside down.

Brugo Mugs hold 16 ounces, have a stainless steel finish and a no-slip bottom. They also have an ergonomic grip, are very comfortable to hold, and fit most cup holders. This makes the mugs great for a family.
These attractive mugs come in 13 stylish colors. Pictured here are the colors in the Executive series.  I received the Seagrass color in this series and really like this color a lot.  They have additional colors as well and offer 25% off when you buy 2 or more and free shipping on orders over 50.00.  I think these would make great birthday and Christmas gifts.

Now, on to the giveaway. Brugo will be supplying the winner with their own Brugo Mug, valued at $19.95.


Brugo has provided one travel mug for a giveaway. This contest is open to all U.S. and Canadian residents. Entries will be accepted until midnight CST Saturday, August 14, 2010.


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* Brugo supplied me with one of their mugs for review and one for a giveaway.  However, I was not compensated monetarily for this article and review.  The review is strictly my opinion.

Family Dollar $50 Gift Card Giveaway

GIVEAWAY OVER:  Winner is Stephanie Grant (by

Before I tell you about this awesome $50 gift card giveaway here at Healthy Home Blog, let me tell you this.  Now that I’m “grandma” and have two precious little grandsons, I find myself looking at baby’s and little boy’s clothes if I happen to be passing by them in a store.  The younger grandson is nearly 14 months and the older one is two (nearly three), so I look in the baby’s section and the toddler boy’s section.  I love looking at clothes for them!

Speaking of children’s clothing, have you seen the new line of adorable and affordable kid’s clothes called “Kidgets” at Family Dollar?   I hadn’t seen them until recently when I was given the opportunity to review one of their Kidgets outfits for my grandson as seen below.




I must say that I’m impressed with how stylish the three-piece outfit is.  It is really cute!  And the saying on the T-shirt is perfect for a two year old.  (If you’ve ever been shopping with a two year old who is having a “terrible twos” experience in the store, you know exactly what that means!)

Family Dollar’s “The Affordable Turns Adorable” Kidgets line of clothing for newborns through toddlers is perfect for this economy.  Many people have a tight budget but yet they still want to have cute clothes for their kids.  Look at what all Family Dollar’s Kidgets offers:

  • Three-piece outfits for $8 and under
  • Trendy seasonal accessories such as beach sandals (priced $4 & $5)
  • Children’s sunglasses (priced $3)
  • Foldable totes (priced $4)
  • Hats (priced $4)

If you visit Family Dollar’s website, you can even print a coupon for $1 Off a Kidgets set of clothes for a boy or girl.  I use coupons whenever I can, so I think this is great!  And Family Dollar has a money back guarantee, promising a full refund to anyone who is not satisfied with items in the new Kidgets line.  This is a win/win situation!  Maybe that’s why it’s said that Family Dollar is one of the fastest-growing discount retail chains in the US.

Also, Family Dollar is hosting the Cute as a Kidget Photo Contest with a $5,000 cash grand prize and other great prizes.  Families can upload their cutest “Kidget” photos.  Family and friends will then have a chance to vote, and the winner will be announced on July 16, 2010.  Family Dollar is also hosting a “Cute as a Kidget Sweepstakes” for more fun prizes, and they’re having daily drawings for gift card giveaways.

Now, on to the $50 Gift Card Giveway.


This giveaway is open to all US readers.
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Note: This was not a paid post, and my honest opinions were provided. Family Dollar provided the Kidgets outfit for review and is providing the gift card for the giveaway, but I was not paid monetarily.

Honey Kix Cereal


I received a coupon for a free box of  Honey Kix Cereal for kids (or for kids of any age).  I expected it to be the sugar-loaded, fiberless cereal that is typical of most kid’s cereals.   Honey Kix, however, is not like the typical cereal and actually has 3 grams of fiber per serving, 16 grams of whole grain, and only 6 grams of sugar instead of 10 or 12.  Plus, there are no artificial flavors or preservatives.

Our teenage son  likes it, and I must admit that I think it tastes good, too.  I even like a handful of  it for a snack without milk.  Like they say, it’s kid-tested, mother-approved!

My New Swiffer Sweeper


See what I received this week?  It’s my new Swiffer Sweeper, 2 in 1 Starter Kit.  I have been sick this week, and so I was thrilled to be able to sweep and mop my kitchen floor in five minutes!  I certainly didn’t have the energy for cleaning for more than five minutes.  Now, it looks so shiny and smells so good.


I have an old Swiffer, but I must admit this  new one works much better.   After I put the new Swiffer together (which is a “snap”…all you have to do is literally snap the pieces together which takes half a minute), then our cute little dog checked out what I was getting ready to do.  I put her outside since my purpose was not to play with her but she thought it was, then I proceeded to use the dry sweeping cloth which surprised me by picking up all sorts of dust, crumbs, pet hair, etc., and it held on to them.  There was more pet hair than I thought there would be.  Then I used the wet mopping cloth and was able to reach deep into corners under the overhang on our cabinets and under my china cabinet.

What I like about the new Swiffer is that it is stronger.  That’s one thing I didn’t like about the old one.  I felt like the old one wasn’t strong enough to scrub on tough spots,   but the new Swiffer is definitely stronger and easier to use!  It makes cleaning fast and easy which is important to me because of my busy schedule!

CONTEST GIVE-AWAY: Allergy-free Pillow From Lands’ End

lands-end-pillow-resized.jpgCONTEST IS OVER!

Lands’ End has a new product called PureLoft Pillows, the latest technology in allergy-free bedding. PureLoft Pillows are treated with a 100% natural Neem Oil which repels dust mites and inhibits bacteria that can trigger allergies.

I received two Lands’ End pillows, one to review and one for a giveaway.  So, I am giving away one brand new Lands’ End PureLoft standard-size pillow, valued at $25. It’s a plump, very soft pillow that mimics goose down. I know because I have one of my own.  Our son, who has bad allergies, is going to be using the pillow, and I feel good that he will have a pillow that won’t add to his allergy problem.

There are several ways you can be entered to win.  (CONTEST IS OVER)

  1. To be entered once, leave a comment with your name (first name is fine) and email address. Your email address will not be published. I will contact the winner by email.
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I will pay shipping within the U.S.

Contest will last approximately one week. Ending Date will be given during the middle of next week. Click here for ending date. (Ending date was Sat., April 19th.)

In your comment, let me know if you’re doing option #1, #2, #3, or #4. Thanks!

Pictures of my Microwave Bacon Cooker

Here is a picture of my new microwave bacon cooker that I wrote about last week. It really is the best way to cook bacon in the microwave that I have found.


After cooking in the microwave, the pieces of bacon are ready to eat as shown in the second picture.


Now here’s the really neat thing…all the grease collected in the bottom of the cooker. I cooked three batches of bacon, six pieces in each batch. Each time I removed the cooked bacon, I poured the grease into a Pyrex cup. The last picture shows how much grease I collected after cooking 18 pieces of bacon.


I was surprised at how much grease cooked out of the bacon. I was so used to using paper towels when I cooked it, that I forgot how much grease is actually in bacon.

If you’re planning on getting one of these, I would recommend getting two if you cook a lot of bacon. That way you can be filling one with bacon while one is cooking.

My New Microwave Bacon Cooker

I have a new microwave bacon cooker that is so cool. It’s a new invention that cooks the bacon in an enclosed pitcher-like container. In fact, it’s the only totally enclosed microwave bacon cooker on the market. The neat thing about it is that I don’t have to use any paper plates or paper towels to cook the bacon. I used to have to use so many every time because I didn’t want any of the grease to be left on the bacon. Well, now with my new bacon cooker, all I have to do is hang the bacon on a vertical rack inside the container and cook in the microwave. The bacon cooks evenly and just the way we like it with all the grease collected nicely down in the bottom of the container away from the bacon. When I finish cooking the bacon, I simply put the three pieces of the container in the dishwasher for an easy clean-up. The only problem is that the bacon is so delicious that it is almost completely eaten up by family members, including myself, before I finish cooking the rest of the breakfast.

Make sure you get pork bacon. I made the mistake of getting turkey bacon the first time I tried it which didn’t work well. Somehow I overlooked that part on the instruction sheet. When I used pork bacon, it worked perfectly which is what the instructions said to use. Also, I took pictures with my new camera to show you, but I haven’t figured out how to transfer the pictures to my post. This next week our daughter is supposed to teach me how to do it. I want you to see for yourself how this bacon cooker is so clean and easy to use. Look for another post next week with the pictures.