iPad Giveaway at Christian Personal Finance

Christian PF is celebrating their third year anniversary by giving away an Apple iPad and five $20 Amazon gift cards.

Here’s some info about this awesome giveaway:

  • 1. Read and follow the instructions  for each entry completely.
  • 2. Entries will be accepted until midnight CST on June 17th.
  • 3. They will randomly select winners on June 18th using Random.org.
  • 4. You can do all 6 methods, but only one counts for each category. The maximum number of entries possible is 21.

Happy Three Year Anniversary to Christian Personal Finance.   Their site has done awesome in three years with over 3 million unique visitors.

Central Market Freebies through June 8, 2010

Sorry I didn’t get this posted sooner.  I really meant to post this Thursday.

First Freebie – Buy two pounds marinated chicken breast and get both of these items free ($6.99 value):

  • One pound of strawberries
  • One Angel Food Cake – Their Angel Food Cakes, made in their bakery,  are great!

Second Freebie – Buy two Italian Chef Crafted Bowls and get both of these items free ($9.28 value):

  • Family Size Caesar Salad
  • Parmesan Focaccio Bread  (probably from their fabulous in-store bakery)

FREE Admission to Museums with Bank of America Card – First Weekends of Each Month

Free Ticket:

Check out “Museums on Us” and see if you’re close to one of the 100+ museums participating in this freebie.  There are museums located all over the United States that have free admission for the primary cardholder on the first weekend of every month. Just click on your state and the museums will be listed.  This works with Bank of America ATM, debit and credit cards.

Our son told us about this offer last year, but then he went off to college and things got busy with us here so we never utilized this freebie.  Our daughter, Christi, reminded me of this offer (thanks again Christi!).  Our son is home from his freshman year at college and so I  located the museums we’re wanting to see.  We’re planning to visit a museum this weekend for FREE.  All three of us have B/0f/A cards and are the primary cardholder, so we all get in free of charge!

Thank You, Chick-Fil-A

Thanks to Chick-Fil-A, we enjoyed free spicy chicken sandwiches for dinner this evening.  My husband, our son, and I all went to their website a few days ago to make our reservation for the free sandwiches.  We were all impressed with this new addition to their menu which is to be released to the public on June 7, 2010.   The chicken was very tender, and the breading was minimum in relation to the thick chicken breast fillet.  If you like spice, I  think you’ll like this sandwich!  (And, of course, we had to have their famous waffle fries, too!)

*Note – If you read the comments below, you’ll see how two different Chick-Fil-A’s gave more than free sandwiches this week.

Faux Wood Blinds

If we could afford it, I would like to have faux wood blinds on our living room windows.  We have two really huge windows side-by-side which are great because we can look out into our backyard.  We have crepe myrtle trees, cannas, and some potted plants on the deck, and it’s really pretty when everything is blooming.  But we can’t afford new blinds now, even with a 40% off sale.  Hmmm…maybe someday!

Central Market – FREE items for Memorial Day Weekend

Here’s a great buy from Central Market which has eight Texas locations.

Buy one pound in-store roasted turkey breast (from their awesome deli – no nitrates or nitrites in their meat) and receive these two items FREE:

  • 7 ounces of Andrew and Everett mild cheddar cheese
  • Sunflower Seed Bread (my guess is that it’s from their in-store bakery)

The two free items are valued at $6.98.   These are the makings for some delicious sandwiches!

Make Your Chick-Fil-A Reservation for a FREE Spicy Chicken Sandwich

This is a great deal!  Go to Get Spicy Chicken, enter your zip code, and the Chick-Fil-A locations in your area will come up.  Choose the location you want, choose the date and the time, and then make your reservation.  Hurry because they have a limited amount of free sandwiches at each location, and some locations do not have any reservations left.  Free sandwiches will be served during the week of May 31st  through June 5, 2010.

Starbuck’s Frappuccinos Half-Price this Friday, 3-5 PM

For those of you who enjoy a cold Frappuccino from Starbucks on a warm day, be sure to note that this Friday, May 7th, you’ll be able to get one half-price between 3 & 5 p.m.  Starbucks will be doing this again on May 16th.

I remember my first Frappuccino many years ago when our daughter was getting her hair cut (during her college years) .  Christi’s friend, Amber, and I didn’t want to wait at the Salon, so we went to a nearby Starbucks where Amber quickly  recommended a Creme Caramel Frappuccino.  It was so delicious!!  And I imagine it had zero calories.  (notice I said “imagine”)   I haven’t had very many of them because they really aren’t that healthy, but every once in a while I will have one for a special treat!

FREE Mr. Jim’s Pizza on April 15th with Code

Go to Mr. Jim’s Pizza on Facebook, to “Pizza Offers” at the top and then to “Get My Code.”  You will be given a code to write down.  Then on April 15th, go to mrjims.com to place an online order.  Just type your code in the coupon box.  It’s that simple…& it’s FREE!  Yay!

Abuelo’s Mexican Food Restaurant – eClub

If you’ve never eaten at Abuelos, this is a great Mexican food restaurant that our whole family really likes.  We don’t eat there very often, but we always enjoy it when we do.

My husband and I went there to celebrate our anniversary, and the great thing is that we had a coupon for “Buy an entree and two drinks and receive a free entree.”   I joined Abuelo’s eClub last year and received a coupon like the one mentioned just for joining.   The timing wasn’t right so we weren’t able to use the coupon.  So what we did this year was to wait to have my husband sign up for their eClub until the week before our anniversary.  That way, we were able to use the coupon for joining  on our actual anniversary date.

Not only were we able to get a free entree, but we had enough food left over for a meal at home the next day.  We both really like their enchiladas.  I usually barely eat two enchiladas by the time I’ve eaten a lot of chips and salsa.  My husband wanted three enchiladas.  So…we each ordered the four enchilada plate which was only $1 more than the three enchilada plate (and remember one plate was free).   There was so much food that we only ate half of our refried beans and “Papas Con Chili” (their signature dish of whipped red potatoes, four cheeses, red & green peppers, sour cream, garlic, and  jalapeno – yummy!).  We both got take-out boxes for our leftovers plus took our refill of chips and salsa that we had barely touched.  Like I mentioned, we had enough food for another meal at home.  The Frugal Novice would think that this was very frugal!

(I was not compensated in any way for this review.  It is strictly my opinion.)