Four Foods On Friday 67

frito-lay-natural-cheetos-2-29-09#1. Potato chips. Flavored? Regular, ridged or stacked?

Yes, flavored.  Sour Cream and Onion or those with pepper.   Probably ridged would be my choice of the three.
#2. Cheese doodles. Yellow or white? Puffed or crunchy?

I like them all.  Variety is good (of course I don’t have these but “once in a blue moon”)  The organic puffy ones from Lay’s called Natural Cheetos White Cheddar Puffs are really good.  The spicy crunchy ones are good, too, and I tend to like these when my allergies are bothering me.
#3. Pretzels? Your favorite shape? Favorite flavor?

Twists for the shape.  Flavor:  regular and honey mustard.
#4. Share a recipe for salsa or dip.

Here are two easy ones we like:

Guacamole:  Mash ripe avocados with a fork.  Squeeze fresh lime juice over them.  Add chopped fresh onion, sea salt, cilantro (from a jar is OK), and salsa (from a jar) to taste.

Salsa: Using your favorite salsa from a jar, add chopped fresh onion and one chopped fresh tomato to the salsa.

Thanks to Val at Fun, Crafts and Recipes for hosting Four Foods on Friday every week!

4 thoughts on “Four Foods On Friday 67

  1. Never thought to add onions to the salsa. I’d probably do green onions though since I usually have those on hand I like them so much and I grow them in my herb basket during the summer.

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