Texas Floods

Isn’t it terrible about all the flooding and loss of life!   Gainesville, Haltom City and other areas have had extreme flooding.  Southwest Parker County has really had it bad along the Brazos River and 2,000 residents were ordered to evacuate this week.   The Lake Granbury area is bad too.  Water rose from outside yards to waist deep inside their homes in less than 20 minutes time.  Marble Falls in the Hill Country got 19.5 inches of rain in 9 hrs so they’ve had really bad flooding.   There are so many areas in Texas and other states that are having a hard time.   Remember them in your prayers!

2 thoughts on “Texas Floods

  1. In North East Texas during June of 2006 the drought was so severe that the pastures had no grass for the cattle. One year later it is green and lush producing record amounts of hay. I hear God saying, “Next time you get fearful that it will never rain again, remember that I give abundantly when the time is right. I want you to trust me, and not live in fear.”

  2. I know what you’re talking about. A dear friend of mine lives in East Texas and I remember how she talked about the terrible drought. I was thinking the other day about how my friend and I and hundreds of other people were praying for an end to the drought and how prayers have been answered.

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