Easy Summer Fresh-Fruit Cake

All You need an angel food cake, a large container of Cool Whip, and a mix of berries (thoroughly washed and dried) and kiwi. Place the cake on your serving plate, ice it with Cool Whip and decorate with the fruit. One thing that I’ve started doing is cutting the cake into individual pieces and putting the pieces side by side and then icing with Cool Whip to make it look like a whole cake. This makes serving so much easier. Otherwise, it’s hard to cut the Angel Food Cake with all the Cool Whip and fruit on it.

Here is an example of a pre-cut cake that looks like one whole cake. Serving it was real easy. I usually decorate the sides of the cake also, but I didn’t on this particular cake because of the cake carrier I was using. I use Lite Cool Whip so this low-fat cake is light and refreshing.

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