Noah’s Pals – Great Educational Toys

I was just reading at Mom Reviews about some neat toys called “Noah’s Pals.”  They have boxes that contain cards with interesting details and info about the animals, whether the animal is endangered, etc., which countries they come from, and what kind of environment they live in.   And you also get info on which Animal Family they belong to and their scientific name.  

When I was teaching first and second grades, I would have loved to have had these educational toys for all my students and especially for the Gifted and Talented students.  We had a unit on animals and did extended research on them. “Noah’s Pals” would be absolutely great to have in the classroom. 

Also, as a Bible class teacher, I would love to have these for teaching about creation.  All the amazing details about each animal would help open the children’s eyes to the wonders of God’s creation. 

So, whether these toys are being used for just the educational aspect at home and in the classroom or used in a Bible class setting, they would be great to have.  I am impressed!  I will hopefully remember to look for them next time I’m in the gift shop at the zoo or at Fossil Rim, TX. Thank you, MomReviews, for sharing!

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