8 Super Healthy Foods

There are several different lists of healthy foods. This is one of them:

1) Blueberries – brain food, helps lower cholestrol, rich in fiber, highest antioxidant rating of any fruit

2) Guava – high fiber, 2nd to blueberries in antioxidants, contains cancer fighting lycopene

3) Kale – contains potent cancer fighting indoles, Vitamin K (great for bones), highest antioxidant of any veggie

4) Sardines – rich in omega-3 fats, least contaminated of any seafood

5) Apples – one of best sources of boron (great for bones), contains pectin (great fiber)

6) Virgin Coconut Oil – no trans fat, provides energy, contains natural anti-viral & anti-microbal properties

7) Green Tea – helps fight cancer, helps weight loss

8) Flaxseed Oil – contains omega-3 fats, has anti-cancer properties

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