“BABY J” Has Arrived! :)

Our first grandbaby, a grandson, arrived this past Wednesday.  He is so adorable and so precious.  Anyone who’s been around a newborn baby knows how precious they are.   It’s amazing how a whole room full of people (even four men) can sit or stand around in a hospital room and be totally fascinated and entertained by watching a tiny newborn .  Well…he wasn’t exactly tiny…he weighed 8 pounds and was 20 inches long.  But in comparison to everyone else in the room, he was tiny.  And it was the sweetest thing when he put his tiny little fingers around one of my fingers, or when he made those sweet little sounds that only newborns make, or when he finally opened his eyes and looked at me!   We thank God for this sweet little bundle of joy.  What a blessing in the lives of all of us in that hospital room!

4 thoughts on ““BABY J” Has Arrived! :)

  1. Anna, thanks for the congratulations! I knew it would be great to have a grandbaby, but I didn’t know it would be so wonderful!!

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