Share Your Favorite Vacation Spot

Where is your absolutely most favorite place you’ve ever been on a vacation?   Please leave a comment below and share.

My favorite is almost a tie between Hawaii and Colorado.  We’ve been to four of the Hawaiian islands and they’re absolutely gorgeous, but Colorado wins out every time.  I have a passion about being up in the Rocky Mountains.  It is so beautiful up there, especially in early summer and early fall.  I love the drive from Salida up to Leadville and on up to Rocky Mountain National Park.  Leadville, Breckenridge, Frisco, Dillon, Silverthorne, and Estes Park are our favorite towns.  Rocky Mountain National Park is absolutely breathtakingly beautiful.

We used to go on family vacations there when I was a child, so I fell in love with the Rocky Mountains at an early age. I even went to summer camp there once when I was in high school. Throughout my life, I have visited there maybe a dozen times. The awesome majesty of the mountains reminds me of the awesome power and majesty of God. There’s nothing like being up high and looking out over the mountain tops.

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