PMS – “Pretty Miserable Syndrome”

If you’ve ever had a problem with PMS, then you can relate to feeling miserable during that time.  Some people refer to it as “pretty mean syndrome,” but I prefer “pretty miserable syndrome.”  True, irritabilty is often a symptom of it.  But a girl can feel miserable from PMS and not be mean.   The symptoms include but are not limited to the following:  backache, headache, bloating and weight gain,  anxiety, depression, food cravings such as chocolate (yum), cramps, fatigue, insomnia, water retention, mood swings, and the already mentioned irritability…sometimes major irritability.  I’m sure our family members can attest to these!  LOL   But for the poor gal experiencing a multiplicity of these symptoms, relief is sometimes hard to find and it’s just a matter of enduring until the symptoms pass.  There are some natural helps out there, though.  I’ve received some natural PMS relief samples that I plan to use which I think will be very helpful from what I’ve read.

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