Ragweed is Driving Us Crazy!!!

Ragweed pollen is at such an extremely high level this season that it’s driving a lot of people absolutely crazy. I’m not one to have sinus headaches very often, but I’ve had one nearly every day this week. I have a couple of friends who have developed bronchitis recently, and I’m sure their allergies had something to do with it. I checked at www.weather.com just a minute ago to see what the pollen levels are. Weed pollen is at the “very high” level in so many areas all across the country. I just wish I had bought stock in Sudafed and Benadryl!! LOL Actually, we use the store brands and those work great for us. 🙂

There are some things we can do to help. I try to drink lots of extra green tea and that helps congestion. Also, peppermint oil is great too, so I keep peppermints in my purse. Make sure they’re the kind with real peppermint oil and not just peppermint flavoring. Those won’t work. Drink plenty of fluids, especially hot soup and hot tea or coffee. These help the mucus to flow and relieve sinus pressure and congestion. If my sinuses are hurting on either side of my nose or on my forehead and I’m going to be at home, then I’ll put a little bit of Vicks on those places and that feels so good. If chest or nasal congestion is a problem, then a vaporizor eases breathing and helps clear congestion. Ginger cookies or anything with ginger helps. And my favorite, eat Mexican food!! The spices in it work wonders. So bring on the queso and salsa! That sounds so good I think I’ll go eat some chips and salsa right now!

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