September – “Have a Plan” Month

I was waiting at an intersection not long ago and I noticed this billboard.  It had a fuzzy aerial view of a town.  Then it had an arrow pointing to a certain spot with the words, “You are here.  Do you know where your family is?”  My first reaction was, “Well, yeah, I know where my family is.”  But then I noticed in small print down at the very bottom of the billboard it said, “Have a Plan.  Go to READY.GOV”  Then I realized the point of the billboard was that in case of an emergency (such as a terrorist attack, etc.), you need to know where your family is in case things get crazy.  With the sixth anniversary of 9-11 just days away, I think it is good to have a plan.  When I taught first grade, we had a fire drill every few weeks.  We never had to use it for the real thing, but we were ready just in case.  So this is what I call “fire drill time.”  If something did happen, we would be in panic mode which is not an easy time to be thinking clearly.  That’s why it’s so important to think about things like this when our minds are clear.  I hope we never have to use our plans, but if we do then we’ll already have our plan in place.

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