Fiber One Granola Bars are Actually Good

When I was out visiting our daughter and family recently, she gave me one of these new granola bars she’s been eating recently, a Fiber One bar. They have 9 … let me repeat…9 grams of fiber in them. I thought, “Hmmm, I’ll try one just to see what they’re like,” and I was expecting something with a little bit of a cardboard taste. I was really surprised at how great it tasted. I wasn’t expecting a whole lot with that much fiber, but it was really good. I buy them all the time now to have for our son to grab for a quick, fiber-filled breakfast on his way out the door. I like them for an afternoon snack because they’re satisfying with all that fiber in them and I don’t get hungry for a while. And they have CHOCOLATE in them! 🙂 They also have peanut butter bars.

🙂 So…thanks to my daughter for sharing with me!

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2 thoughts on “Fiber One Granola Bars are Actually Good

  1. I went to buy some Fiber One granola bars last week and they were sold out of every flavor! So apparently other people like them a lot too. 🙂

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