Great Online Coupons to My Favorite Stores!

This is so awesome!   Did you know that there are online coupons to a lot of our favorite stores?   It’s the time of year to start thinking about Christmas shopping, and with so many people to buy for, it helps to save money.   Our daughter loves to shop at Old Navy for herself, her husband, and the baby.  So that’s a great place to look for gifts.  They have such cute baby clothes there.  I can look in the Baby Department and find an “Oh, that’s so cute!” outfit for him.  And the great thing is, I’ll have a coupon to use.  We also like Target.   Our daughter, her mother-in-law, her sister-in-law and I can spend an hour in Target…easy.  One time when my mother-in-law flew down for a visit, we spent two hours in Target!  Yes…two hours.  We had so much fun looking at everything!  (She doesn’t have a Target store close by where she lives.)   So I have several people in my family who would like a Christmas gift from there.  And again, the neat thing is that I can do some of my Christmas shopping at Target and save money with a coupon.  And if I happen to shop online at one of these stores, I have an online coupon and all I have to do is type in the code in the code box.  It’s that simple!  My family knows how I love to save money,  use coupons, and share with them about how I saved money.   I’ll  definitely be sharing the news about these great coupons with them, too.

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