Our Dog has Bad Allergies!

Our poor little dachshund has terrible grass allergies.  We give her Benadryl and that’s always helped in the past.  She has such bad allergies this year, though, that she chews on herself to the point of bleeding.  She has to wear a cone a lot of the time so she can’t chew on herself when we’re gone or at night when we can’t watch her.  I read online where one vet recommended putting flaxseed on the dogfood and that would eventually eliminate the need for Benedryl.  Well….let me warn you!  I gave it to our dog for two days.  We noticed that everytime she would go outside to go potty, she would stink so badly when she came in.  It was almost a fishy smell.  And I’m not talking about smelling it when you were close to her.  I’m talking about a horrible smell that you noticed when you were several feet away from her.  It was really bad!  I finally made the connection and realized that the flaxseed affected the smell of her urine.  So, NO MORE flaxseed.  She’ll just have to be a “conehead” for a while longer until the grass pollen gets better.

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