Update on our Dog and Her Allergies

Well, I was wrong.  It was not the flaxseed that caused our dog to smell bad every time she went potty.  Excuse the explanation, but turns out she needed to have her anal glands expressed.  She smells so much better now.  The only thing is that her allergies are still very bad, and the Benadryl and baths with dog oatmeal shampoo seem to help very little.  I’ve been reading online and I think she really does need omega-3 fatty acids…so back to the ground flaxseed.  I’m going to put that on her dog food every day and see how that helps.  Supposedly, it doesn’t help immediately but takes a little time to stop the itching.  So we’ll just have to wait and see.  Until then, she’ll still be a “conehead doggie.”  I’m thankful for doggie cones or otherwise she would have infected sores all over her body from chewing on herself.  I’ll let you know how the flaxseed works.

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