Money & Enzymes – Part 2

The faster we “spend” our enzymes, the sooner we run out. What about the person who tries to eat healthy by eating lots of cooked veggies, eats whole grains, takes vitamins, etc.? When food is heated to 118 degrees or above (low to moderate heat), most of the enzymes are destroyed. The more cooked veggies, canned fruit, and processed foods a person eats, the faster they use up their enzymes. If that person inherited limited enzyme activity and rarely eats raw (live) foods, then they will run out of enzymes sooner than someone who inherits a large enzyme reserve or eats a lot of raw foods.

I know I like to save money when I can on good buys. I also like to save enzymes when I can by eating raw foods since enzymes are involved in all of the biochemical processes that go on in our body. In order for our body to absorb enzymes from food, they need to be eaten raw. It would be ideal if we could eat a diet of 50% raw foods. But if we could just eat one raw food at every meal, we would be doing ourselves a huge favor! I can tell a big difference when I eat more raw foods. I definitely feel better!

4 thoughts on “Money & Enzymes – Part 2

  1. I bought a Woman’s World yesterday that had an interesting article on a woman’s fight and recovery from fibromyalgia. The date of the magazine is February 11. There is a natural sugar called corvalen which the woman in the article mixed with water 3 times a day. She credits it with helping the achiness and fatigue she suffered with. If you want, I will tear the page out and mail to you. It was very interesting.

  2. I imagine eating more raw foods does a good job with increasing your vitamin intake as well! I’m curious what kinds of raw foods you have been eating and if they include a lot of Vitamin D and B’s.

    There’s a lady on youtube that has dramatically helped her fibromyalgia by taking vitamins. If you can’t find it, I have a link to it on my blog.

    My wife has a small case of fibromyalgia. She has developed it over the years. I almost lost her 7-8 years ago in an almost fatal transfer truck/ car crash. Tough times.

    I’ll add your link on my blog and check back in.

  3. I try to eat more green salads, and I buy organic Romaine lettuce which is available at several places now. Avocados are a great source of enzymes, and I will eat them with Mexican food, on salads, or even a half of one for a snack sometimes. We eat a lot of fresh fruits, and I really think there’s something about fruit that helps me a lot. I want to research this more, but I believe it’s the sugars and other things in fruit as well as the vitamins that help so much.
    I make sure I get plenty of vitamin supplements every day, including D and Time-released Vitamin B Complex (from Soloray). I take a mix of whole food vitamins and regular vitamins.

  4. I meant to ask in my comment above, did your wife’s fibromyalgia begin after her car wreck? I can only imagine how tough that would be to almost lose her. Thank God you didn’t!

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