Stretch Island Fruit Leather – This is Really a Fruit Snack…100%

Have you noticed that on Fruit Roll-Ups and other “fruit” snacks there’s hardly any real fruit in them. They have so much added sugar and food colorings that they’re on my junk food list. If they have a considerable amount of vitamin C, then they’re on my “better of the junk food list.” Don’t despair, though. There is a fruit snack that is truly a fruit snack. It’s Stretch Island Fruit Leather, and it’s the original, all-natural fruit leather made since 1976. If you look on the label, it’s all fruit and natural flavorings with no added sugar, no food colorings, and nothing that is not natural. I buy them at Central Market, and Albertsons used to carry them. They come in delicious flavors such as “Autumn Apple, Ripened Raspberry, Orchard Cherry, and Summer Strawberry” just to name a few. That made my mouth water just typing in the names.  So…if you want a fruit snack you can feel really good about giving to your kids (or yourself), then try these original fruit leather snacks. They’re great!

(This is not a paid ad.)

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