Sugar, Sugar Go Away

Have you ever noticed that the more sugar you eat, the more sugar you want? I was doing so well not eating candy and sweets…until Halloween came along. I can resist the Sweet Tarts, M & M’s, and even some of the chocolate candies. But when we were helping out with the Fall Festival at church on Halloween night, the bean bag game booth that we were working in had “Midnight Milky Ways” in them. Oh no, not dark chocolate…I really like dark chocolate. So I ate one, then another, and then another. Of course, they’re small, little pieces of candy. But you add up 3 here, 2 here, 1 here, and 2 more here and that’s like eating a large candy bar. And then we had candy brought home, and in that candy were some of the Midnight Milky Ways. So, I had a few more the next couple of days. That was enough to set my sweet tooth in motion, and yesterday I ate a whole Dove Dark Chocolate Bar. But you know what? I can tell a difference in the way I feel when I eat a lot of candy. I’ve read in various articles and heard from doctors how bad sugar is for us. And I believe it! I can tell by the way I feel. My husband said he’s noticed the correlation between the time sugar was introduced heavily into the American diet and when Americans started having an influx of certain diseases. There is definitely a link.

I try not to keep chocolate candy in the house during the month of December. I know chocolate is a weakness for me. One year, I bought two or three bags of Ghirardelli chocolate candies to use as stocking stuffers. I bought them on sale for a great price right after Thanksgiving. Well…that candy never made it to the Christmas stockings. I wasn’t the only one eating them, but I was the main one. So now, I wait until right before Christmas to buy candy. And I don’t buy as much candy as I used to, only a little. So now, it’s getting close to December again so I say “Sugar, sugar go away, don’t come again til Christmas Day!” LOL Well….maybe Thanksgiving Day. 🙂

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