The Christmas Season is too Hectic…HELP!

Nearly all my friends agree…the month of December is just too hectic. Sometimes there is so much to do that a person can feel overwhelmed! There’s all the shopping and more shopping, setting up the Christmas tree and decorating the house, desserts and festive dishes to make for parties and dinners, endless events to attend, some last minute item to go out and shop for, Christmas cards galore to write and address (every year our list gets bigger), and then on top of all of that there’s housecleaning for company that’s coming to visit. It can be extremely overwhelming!

What helps me the most during this hectic time is a verse from the Bible in Psalm 46:10, “Be still and know that I am God.” That’s it, pure and simple. Just be still…be still…be still…and know God. I pray that we can go to a quiet place, all by ourselves, and know the glory and wonder of Christmas…what Christmas is all about: the love of God shown to us when he sent his only, precious Son to this earth as a tiny baby wrapped in swaddling clothes.

Be still…and know God.

(Psalms 46 was my mother’s favorite.)

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