Marriage is Not 50/50

Marriage is a total commitment, a commitment based on love. TV would have us think that if someone gets tired of their marriage or their marriage isn’t working, then they can just simply get a divorce and find someone new. That’s not what marriage is meant to be. It’s design is that it lasts a lifetime, that it’s based on unconditional love (the type of love that says I love you even when things aren’t going so well), and that each person gives 100%…not just 50%. When each person commits to giving 100%, then on a day when things aren’t going right and one person only gives 50% or less, then the other person makes up for it and vice versa. It works both ways. Each gives the other some slack and tries to be understanding. And on days when each is giving 100%, then those days are truly what marriage is meant to be.  It takes commitment and work to make a great marriage.  It doesn’t happen without effort.  And anything worthwhile is definitely worth the effort.

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