My New Microwave Bacon Cooker

I have a new microwave bacon cooker that is so cool. It’s a new invention that cooks the bacon in an enclosed pitcher-like container. In fact, it’s the only totally enclosed microwave bacon cooker on the market. The neat thing about it is that I don’t have to use any paper plates or paper towels to cook the bacon. I used to have to use so many every time because I didn’t want any of the grease to be left on the bacon. Well, now with my new bacon cooker, all I have to do is hang the bacon on a vertical rack inside the container and cook in the microwave. The bacon cooks evenly and just the way we like it with all the grease collected nicely down in the bottom of the container away from the bacon. When I finish cooking the bacon, I simply put the three pieces of the container in the dishwasher for an easy clean-up. The only problem is that the bacon is so delicious that it is almost completely eaten up by family members, including myself, before I finish cooking the rest of the breakfast.

Make sure you get pork bacon. I made the mistake of getting turkey bacon the first time I tried it which didn’t work well. Somehow I overlooked that part on the instruction sheet. When I used pork bacon, it worked perfectly which is what the instructions said to use. Also, I took pictures with my new camera to show you, but I haven’t figured out how to transfer the pictures to my post. This next week our daughter is supposed to teach me how to do it. I want you to see for yourself how this bacon cooker is so clean and easy to use. Look for another post next week with the pictures.

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  2. Hi from CrispyClean® Bacon cooker. Thanks for the review. We have changed our name to WowBacon microwave cooker. Please note that for turkey bacon, try setting the power to 50%. Other have found that this works great.

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