Our Recent Visit

Last week, we took a day trip on Monday, which was Martin Luther King’s holiday, and we went to see our daughter (C), s-i-l, and Baby J. We had a wonderful time and packed so much into that one day. We all got to eat lunch together, and then after our s-i-l headed back to work, we went up to see our daughter’s new office, met with the realtor to see inside our daughter and s-i-l’s house they are in the process of buying, and then we headed to Target. (C and I love to go to Target and there doesn’t have to be any specific reason to go there.) Later, we went and had Mexican food for supper…a must! 🙂

The highlight of the trip was getting to see Baby J laugh. Those of you who have been around babies know how precious it is when a baby gets to the stage where he laughs at anything he thinks is funny. Well, Baby J thought it was so funny when I sang “Doo te doo” with his little songs on the CD. As you can tell, it doesn’t take much to entertain us. LOL

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  1. We are so glad y’all got to come and visit and see the house! It was a fun day! Baby J says hi, by the way. 🙂

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