Please Pass the Grey Poupon


I’ve been asked to serve Grey Poupon Mustard to my family and give an honest review. We tried the Hearty Spicy Brown which has horseradish in it, and also the Harvest Coarse Ground. I thought they were both delicious on sandwiches! The spice in the mustard reminded me of a gourmet sandwich that I ordered when we were eating out, and I really liked that sandwich. My husband prefered the Hearty Spicy Brown Mustard, which didn’t surprise me at all because he really likes horseradish. Our son was skeptical at first. He likes mustard but wasn’t too sure about these. After tasting both of them, he said he really likes the Spicy Brown Mustard…just like his dad, although he didn’t know which one his dad chose. Neither one cared for the Harvest Coarse Ground because of the coarse granules in it.

I know our son-in-law, who likes spicy things, would like both of them without even asking him. If you like something with a little bit of spice, the Grey Poupon Mustard really does make a sandwich taste gourmet.

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