Afternoon Snack: “Ants on a Log”

When our daughter was growing up, she was in Girl Scouts. One snack she learned to make was called “Ants on a Log,” not too appetizing of a name. But in actuality, it was and still is a very tasty snack, one that we have continued making through the years. I remember when she’d be home from college during the summer, I’d make a big plate full of these for both of us to snack on, and they’d be gone within ten minutes or so. The neat thing about this snack is that all the ingredients are healthy, and it’s satisfying because of the fiber and protein in it:

  • prepare celery in varying lengths, 2-4 inches long
  • spread with reduced fat peanut butter
  • top with “ants” (raisins – considered to be a “super food”)

This is also a great snack when trying to lose weight.  It’s a healthy snack for kids and everybody, and in case your kids don’t like ants, you can call it something different. 🙂

5 thoughts on “Afternoon Snack: “Ants on a Log”

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  2. I know a lot of people like celery with peanut butter, but the very idea just makes me cringe, lol!

    I’ll try not to appear as “anonymous” this time!

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