Artificial Sweeteners May Actually Cause Weight Gain

I’ve been hearing and reading a lot recently how artificial sweeteners can cause weight gain, especially diet sodas. There’s something in the chemical make-up of the sweeteners that alters brain chemistry. They can change metabolic limit.

A long time ago, my doctor took me off all artificial sweeteners. They’re not natural, even Splenda is from chemically altered sugar. There are studies on aspartame and safety issues, and there’s been a significant increase in common malignant brain cancers since aspartame was first licensed to use in sodas, etc.

So, considering all of the possible health issues and possible weight gain, there’s no way I want to use artificial sweeteners.

One thought on “Artificial Sweeteners May Actually Cause Weight Gain

  1. While I’m hesitant to believe some of the negative stuff said about artificial sweeteners because so much of it has been outright lies, I’m also hesitant to believe that they’re 100% safe. I guess that makes me a true skeptic.

    Either way, I don’t like the way they taste.

    I use stevia. It’s all natural, super low cal for the sweetness, tastes great, and has been shown to be good for regulating blood sugar. Of course, there are even some negative things said about it, but it seems to have been pretty well disproven. At the very least, it appears to be healthier than actual sugar.

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