Forever Friends

I wrote a couple of days ago about when a friend moves away and contact is lost with that friend.  Now, I want to write about the opposite, where both friends move away and yet neither time nor distance diminishes that friendship…and that’s the friendship I have with Beth.   We’ve been friends forever…in fact, for 45 years! Wow! That’s a true friend! We went to each other’s birthday parties in elementary school, we were even baptized on the same night (and that was not planned), and eventually became best friends in high school. She moved to Hawaii and I went away to college, and even though we were separated by time and distance, we stayed in touch, and later she was a bridesmaid in our wedding.  We have always lived far away from each other since then.  But through the years, we have always kept in touch first by cards & letters and then by cards & emails.  We sent pictures through the years as well.  Even when her husband was stationed in Germany and they lived there several years, we kept in touch.  We are sisters, maybe not by blood, but in spirit…we are “Forever Friends.”

I have more to write about Beth and me, but that will have to be in another post. 🙂

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