Green…the Trend for Spring Wardrobes

I just read Meg’s post that the “in color” for spring is going to be green, followed by orange for a close second. So the spring trends are seeing green. And any color of green will work. It doesn’t have to be a specific shade.  I know I have a couple of green T-shirts (one cute lime green one that I bought after Christmas for 75% off), a long-sleeved lime green mock turtleneck top, and a sea green outfit that “C” gave me that I didn’t wear last spring.  I’m not sure why because I often get a compliment on the color of it.  I need to go look and see what else I have hanging in my closet.  🙂

One thought on “Green…the Trend for Spring Wardrobes

  1. Thanks so much for the link, Charla! I need to explore my closet, too. It’s pretty organized, but I tend to forget about things like belts and scarves because they are a bit hidden by the closet doors.

    By the way, I think I lost your RSS feed when I switched readers, but it’s now on my subscribe list again 😀

    Also, you might want to check out plugins to allow readers to subscribe to comments. I try to check back occasionally to see if anyone responds to my comments, but it’s easier to just get an email notification. If you use WordPress, here’s the plugin I use:

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