Is Fluoridated Water Safe?

After watching a video about the safety of fluoride in our water by Dr. Bill Osmunson, I decided to sign the petition for Congress to have hearings about fluoridation.  It’s especially dangerous for babies.  (I’m glad Baby J’s bottles are made with bottled spring water.)  According to the CDC, one third of children are showing signs of too much fluoride on their teeth.  And if you look on toothpaste tubes, if someone swallows toothpaste, they are to call the Poison Control Center because the fluroide is not safe.   There is as much fluoride in a pea size measure of toothpaste as there is in an 8 ounce glass of tap water.  That doesn’t sound good to me.  Dr. Osmunson urges everyone to check out both sides of the issue for themselves and sign the petition for hearings on fluoride safety.

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