When Friends Move Away

I’ve had a couple of friends move away in the past, and slowly through the years we’ve lost contact with each other. I’ve tried to make contact this past year, but I guess they’re too busy with their jobs and kids. Friends are too valuable to let that happen.

This morning I was listening to 94.9 KLTY, and Dr. Bill had some great ideas for when a close friend moves away. Don’t lose contact! Nowadays, we can IM each other for free. Maybe have a time when both friends decide to sit down and have a cup of coffee together…only not in person but while IMing each other. I think that’s such a cool idea. Another idea is cell phones. A lot of people have unlimited minutes so that’s another way to talk for free. Be sure and send pictures whether through email or regular mail. Keep up with each other’s kids and families as well. And maybe send “care packages” every once in a while with something simple that you know your friend really likes. It’s worth the effort so that the closeness of that friendship doesn’t fade away!

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