Fibromyalgia – An Email to “D”

(I sent this to a friend and thought maybe it might help someone else, too.)

  • I would tell your mom to have a hormone test done that tells the exact levels of her hormones. (She may have to hunt to find a doctor who does that. I go to an awesome lady doctor, a D.O. She’s a true blessing!) I have a hormone test done every year. My first test, done over a year and a half ago, showed that I was low in progesterone, and my estrogen/progesterone ratio was off. It’s important to have a certain ratio of hormones, so my doctor put me on natural, compounded progesterone that the pharmacist makes especially for me.
  • I also take CoQ10, enzymes, acidophilus, lots of high quality vitamins, MSM, kelp, lecithin, magnesium malate , calcium, fish oil and other supplements.
  • I try to eat more fresh, raw foods and limit processed foods as much as I can, although that’s hard. I especially try to eat raw foods high in enzymes and also lots of fresh fruit. I need to work on doing that more, though.
  • I take supplemental enzymes to help with my absorption of nutrients.
  • I make sure I get plenty of lean, quality protein every day for my muscles.
  • I try to stay away from sugar (that’s also hard) and especially any kind of sugar substitute. One doctor told me that sugar itself is better than any of the sugar substitutes, so that tells you how bad sugar substitutes are. I use “Stevia” for sweetening tea, etc., and I only use KAL brand Pure Stevia Extract that I get at a health food store.
  • I try to stay away from things made with white flour as much as possible. I look for whole grains or bread made from sprouted grains.

Hope this helps!

4 thoughts on “Fibromyalgia – An Email to “D”

  1. great timing šŸ˜‰ I actually suffer from Fibromyalgia and an auto immune system concern from having Colits most of my life … your enzymes food list is great – Fibromyalgia is new to me and strangely I I often CRAVE those foods listed ….

    Welcome to the directory šŸ™‚

  2. I highly recommend Fibromyalgia for Dummies. It’s very readable and summarizes a lot of the science of fibro with plenty of helpful tips.

    I take the Neupro patch (FDA-approved for Parkinson’s but helps for fibro, too). It’s very, very new but it’s working real wonders for me. It may not work for everyone, but as someone who has tried just about everything else, I can’t help but want to do a little evangelizing.

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