Four Foods on Friday #21 Questions

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#1. What’s your favorite fruit and how do you like to eat it?

I like all fruit. My favorite is a fresh fruit salad with a variety of fruits, and then in the hot summer we like to have a fresh fruit fruilatti nearly every day.

#2. What is the one spice in your kitchen you use more than any other?

I add parsley to a lot of dishes when I’m cooking because it’s super healthy, so it would have to be parsley.

#3. Pudding. Instant, stovetop or premade?

I prefer stovetop made-from-scratch pudding. It’s delicious plus I know it doesn’t have a bunch of additives in it. But if I don’t have the time, premade is good.
#4. Share a recipe using potatoes.

For those who like lumpy mashed potatoes, this is a healthy, different, & easy way to make them. You don’t have to boil the potatoes, just bake in the microwave: “Bake First” Mashed Potatoes

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