Rankings of Fruits & Veggies’ Pesticide Levels

This list comes from the Environmental Working Group, a nonprofit environmental research organization based in Washington, DC. There are 43 items on the list, but I’m just listing the top few. To see the entire list, click here. #1 is the worst, and it gets better as you go down the list.

  1. Peaches – 100 (worst)
  2. Apples – 96
  3. Bell Peppers – 86
  4. Celery – 85
  5. Nectarines – 84
  6. Strawberries – 83
  7. Cherries – 75
  8. Lettuce – 69
  9. Imported Grapes – 68
  10. Pears – 65

I’m trying to buy organic when I can. Sometimes it’s too expensive, but I’m finding more and more brands producing organic choices at affordable prices now.

One thought on “Rankings of Fruits & Veggies’ Pesticide Levels

  1. Wow..interesting list..thanks for posting it! We try to do organic as much as possible too, but I guess we need to wash and wash that fruit again!

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