Our Identity Has Been Stolen Twice

LifeLock is the industry leader in the field of Identity Theft Protection. Identity theft tops the Federal Trade Commission’s complaint list and has done so for the past seven years, so companies such as life lock are in a rapidly growing field. I believe it! We’ve had our identity stolen twice within the past few years on two different credit card accounts. Our son-in-law had the same experience on one of his credit cards. People have to be extra-careful nowadays, and it’s great there is a company like LifeLock that wants to secure your identity and guarantee your good name!

2 thoughts on “Our Identity Has Been Stolen Twice

  1. When I was 14 my identity was stolen. This person went so far as to even go on social security with my number.

    This went on for 8 years, when I was 22 and pregnant I was turned down for disability, I had to prove it was my SS#.

    20 years later, I still can not get a phone with ATT. They say I owe them money, and I refuse to jump there hoops.

    My credit never really recovered, however my husbands credit is good. So we just use his.

  2. Beth, that’s awful that it went on for eight years!
    There should be someone in higher-up management at ATT that you could talk to and send in paperwork for proof. (letters from SS, etc)

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