Baby J is Crawling :)

It’s been a while since I’ve written about our grandson who is eight months old. He started crawling this week, and it’s so cute to watch his little wobbly, first-attempt at crawling. His parents videotaped it for everyone, and as his mother said, “He hasn’t gotten down the form yet, but he’s definitely mobile.” Now…let the fun begin as he starts getting into things on his level!

This brings back memories of when our children were babies. Here are some of the things I remember them doing years ago when they started crawling and pulling up, things that are pretty common for babies to do:

  • Tried to crawl into the open, empty dishwasher and got stuck. Fortunately, mom was standing there to rescue! (after I took a picture, of course)
  • Tried to crawl into the fridge when we were getting something out of it.
  • Dumped all the Cheerios out of an almost new box
  • Tore leaves off my plant (non-toxic leaves)
  • Took my Tupperware out of the lower cabinet on many occasions
  • Got a hold of the toilet paper while I wasn’t looking and unrolled most of the roll
  • “Unfolded” the clean laundry for me

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