Best Summer Vacation

The best summer vacation that our family had was when we flew to Hawaii the day after our daughter graduated from high school. My husband planned a dream vacation for us! We flew to Honolulu and stayed on the island of Oahu for three days, then flew to Kauai for three days, to the big island of Hawaii for three days, to Maui for three days, and back to Oahu for a couple more days. We rented a car and explored each island. We saw such beautiful sights such as the Seven Sacred Pools, Rainbow Eucalyptus Trees, amazing tropical fish, lush green mountains, awesome beaches and sunsets. We hiked in several rain forests, were in awe at Waimea Canyon, walked through a lava tube, walked through an underwater glass tunnel at the Maui Ocean Center, and cried as we watched the documentary at Pearl Harbor. Of course, we went to a luau. It was a vacation we will never forget!
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Now, where would you like to go on a vacation?

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