It’s So Cold in Here!

How many times have you been somewhere and thought or maybe even said, “It’s so cold in here!”   Maybe you wished you had a blanket because you felt like you were in a deep freezer. I know I’ve been in that situation many times.  I don’t understand why businesses, restaurants, and even churches keep their buildings so cold, but they do!  Well, I guess I do understand the fact that men wear suits and get hot, but the poor women who are in summer dresses, shorts and sleeveless tops, or even capri pants freeze in 65-70 degree temperatures.
I haven’t flown in a long time, but on all the many flights I’ve been on before, I would always ask for a blanket because it would get absolutely freezing in the cabin of the airplane.  I’ve heard that now most airlines don’t supply a travel blanket or a pillow, and people have to do without these unless they just happen to bring along their Cabin Cuddler.

If you’re not familiar with a Cabin Cuddler, let me explain:

  • It is a contour-cut blanket that covers your whole body.
  • It comes in a reversible tote bag that hangs easily on any standard luggage.
  • It also comes with an inflatable pillow that blows up easily.
  • It has a patented pocket for feet so they always stay warm.
  • It is hygenic. (Most airline pillows haven’t been cleaned in a very long time.)
  • It comes in two colors, black or cranberry red.

Another great thing about traveling with your Cabin Cuddler is that if your airline flight is delayed and you are stuck at the airport overnight, you have your own hygenic blanket and pillow.  You don’t have to try to stay warm by covering up with Ladies Home Journals or whatever magazines and newspapers they have.  I have to admit that I have covered my arms and legs with magazines, newspapers, even napkins in an effort not to freeze in various public places.  That’s when I need to have a Cabin Cuddler with me!

3 thoughts on “It’s So Cold in Here!

  1. The A/C is kept so low in most of these places because studies have found that it is much more difficult to fall asleep when it’s cold. 🙂

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