How Many Played Bingo As a Child?

I think that probably most people played Bingo as they were growing up and many play it as an adult.  When I was in elementary school, it was one of my favorite games.  And it was a favorite of many of my friends, too.  In fact, I still have my original Bingo game that I used as a child.  I haven’t played it in ages, but I guess it has too many wonderful memories with it for me to get rid of it.  My friends and I played Bingo countless times, I played with my family, and I played with various relatives who came to visit.  Bingo is just an all-around fun game!

Now that Baby J has come into our lives (Baby J is our grandson who just turned one year old recently), I can just imagine playing Bingo with him in a few years.  Children in this day and age are so into computer and video games, that he would probably prefer Disney Bingo, which can be found at and also at If you don’t have your own Bingo game, then those are two great places where you can purchase it and then start creating memories of your own as you play the game with friends and family…and maybe your own child or grandchild.

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