A Wonderful Weekend With Family

This has been such a busy week that I’m just now writing about the wonderful weekend we had with our daughter, son-in-law, and Baby J celebrating our daugher’s 27th birthday.   It was fun watching Baby J, who is 13 months old, walking all over the place…and fast.  He jabbered a lot and was very expressive, had a sense of humor, and hugged an Earnie doll (from Sesame Street).   He’s such a cutie!  One special time that we had together (teachers will appreciate this) was when he was looking at some baby books I put out for him.  He picked up a book that my parents (both have passed away) gave our daughter 27 years ago.  So Jackson picked up his mommy’s baby book about animals, turned the book until he could open it the correct way, looked at the first page, and then came over to Grandma (me) and wanted up in my lap so we could read the book.  That was such a precious moment that I hope I never forget!

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