Four Foods On Friday 68

Thanks to Val who hosts Four Foods on Friday on her site, Fun Crafts and Recipes.

#1. Coffee. Do you use ground, bean or pods?

We rarely have coffee anymore, but when we do it’s usually fresh ground Sumatra Decaf from Central Market.  Sumatra coffee contains the lowest amount of acid and doesn’t tend to bother my stomach.
#2. Coffee filters. Do you use paper, gold or other?

#3. Tea. Do you prefer tea bags, loose tea or something else?

I prefer tea bags.  I have a couple of different types of infusers, and invariably some of the loose tea makes it out into my cup.
#4. Share a recipe for something you like to eat with coffee or tea.

With coffee, anything sweet such as cookies, really good chocolate cake, or pie.

(I will try to post a recipe soon for cookies.)

With tea, just about anything.  Now that I think about it, I guess my favorite thing to have with iced tea would be a meal of fresh veggies (fried okra, squash with onions, new potatoes, green beans, tomatoes, etc.) with cornbread.  I wish I could still have my mother’s cornbread.  She used a cast iron skillet that made the best cornbread.

4 thoughts on “Four Foods On Friday 68

  1. I’d give anything for a good cornbread recipe so if you’ve got your mom’s recipe and it’s not a secret, share! 🙂 I make that hideous Jiffy mix and it’s always dry. I like a good moist cornbread that melts in your mouth.

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