Four Foods On Friday 71

Come join us at Val’s Four Foods on Friday on her site, Fun Crafts and Recipes!

#1. What’s your favorite cereal?

I like several different cereals, but Cheerios is my favorite right now.
#2. What do you use to flip food on the stove?

Usually a spatula (my favorite one is from IKEA and cost $0.99)
#3. What’s your favorite type of donut?

Blueberry cake donut
#4. Share a rice recipe.

Singapore Curried Chicken with Rice

5 thoughts on “Four Foods On Friday 71

  1. That curried chicken sounds delicious!

    BTW, I’m running my first giveaway for Cheerios on my other blog, Amoores. Want to drop by and win a fresh water pearl bracelet?

  2. Favorite Cereal is Multigrain Cheerios.
    use a silicon spatula to cook with.
    Lemon cream filled doughnut
    I will post a Chicken- Jasmine rice dish on my site. this week.

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