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2nd-sd-card-christis-grad-gift-wrap-2nd-2-20-09This is a gift we gave our daughter last year when she graduated with her master’s degree.  I wanted her gift to look extra special, so I wrapped it a lot fancier than I usually do.  Most of the time, I put gifts in a gift bag with tissue paper; however, I usually do wrap half the gifts at Christmas…but they’re not fancy.

With springtime here, there are going to be a lot of bridal showers and graduation gifts.  If you need some fancier gift wrap but don’t want to pay for expensive gift wrapping, you can do it yourself and save money.

Now that a lot of us are trying to save money, here are some ideas for even greater savings on gift wrapping:

  • Look for nice gift wrap at places like Ross Stores and Tuesday Morning.
  • Use coupons from craft stores such as Michael’s and Jo-Ann Fabrics to buy nice gift wrap, nice sheer ribbon, and silk flowers.

Wrapping a gift yourself for that special person is worth the effort, plus it’s fun to be creative!

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