Four Foods On Friday 74

We’re thankful that Val’s surgery went well!  She’s the author of Four Foods on Friday.

#1. What’s your favorite flavor of yogurt?

#2. Got a recipe for a smoothie?

Fresh Pineapple Smoothie
#3. Got a recipe for split pea soup?

My mother made a very simple split pea soup that was delicious.  I wish I had asked how she made it.  Seems like she would cook the peas with some diced onion in water until the peas thickened the water to a creamy soup consistency, and then she would add milk, butter, salt, and pepper.
#4. What’s your favorite kind of pudding?

Tie – banana pudding and chocolate pudding

5 thoughts on “Four Foods On Friday 74

  1. The ingredients sound doable but need to figure out measurements.
    I love chocolate pudding.
    Thanks for playing FFOF!

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